Check Out Our Read Indies Project!

Read Indies bookshelf with front facing books such as titles by Clairce Lispector and Fernando Pessoa as well as books spine out, all from New Directions Publishing

Our booksellers have been working on our Read Indies project, where every few months we spotlight a new independent press and a selection of their titles on our shelves. Currently, we are featuring New Directions, a staff favorite.

Independent presses, sometimes described as “indie presses” or “small presses” are publishers not affiliated with large corporations. They publish fictions, poetry, nonfiction, graphic novels, and some specialize in niche markets. Indie publishers invest in art, voice, and vision over profit. These books add texture and excitement to the literary ecosystem; they carve a space — on our shelves, in the literary marketplace, and in readers’ hearts — for breathtakingly unique and brilliant books. Read on to learn more about New Directions or browse a selection of titles we carry here!