Check Out Our Read Indies Project!

Our booksellers have been working on our Read Indies project, where every few months we spotlight a new independent press and a selection of their titles on our shelves. Currently, we are featuring Tin House.

Independent presses, sometimes described as “indie presses” or “small presses” are publishers not affiliated with large corporations. They publish fiction, poetry, nonfiction, graphic novels, and some specialize in niche markets. Indie publishers invest in art, voice, and vision over profit. These books add texture and excitement to the literary ecosystem; they carve a space — on our shelves, in the literary marketplace, and in readers’ hearts — for breathtakingly unique and brilliant books.

A selection of Two Dollar Radio Titles on display

Tin House

Our current Read Indies feature is Tin House! Based in Portland, Oregon, Tin House is a wellspring of all things literary. Let’s start with Tin House magazine, whose inaugural issue launched in 1999. Through June 2019, the magazine published incandescent fiction, poetry, and nonfiction–in-print and online. As an imprint of Bloomsbury, Tin House published its first books in 2002 and emerged as an independent press in 2005. Ever since, the press has brought their own flavor of literary poetry, fiction, and nonfiction to readers’ shelves. Through their workshops and residencies, Tin House fosters literary community and encourages writers at all stages of their careers. They also have a treat for podcast fans, David Naimon’s Between the Covers

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