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YA Book Club POSTPONED! Due to unforeseen circumstances, we have had to cancel this Saturday's YA book club meeting. We will reschedule and post it here and on our social media as soon as we can. 


YA Book Club Meeting


Join us for an afternoon discussion of "Lobizona"! All ages are welcome. If you  would like to be on the mailing list for our YA Book Club, write to us through our contact form, or give the shop a call!

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 Vanessa Bohns in Conversation with Eliza VanCort


 Purchase a copy of You Have More Influence Than You Think here. and a copy of A Woman's Guide to Claiming Space here.

 You Have More Influence Than You Think -

This is one of the most enticing and entertaining books I’ve ever read on persuasion. Vanessa Bohns is not only an expert in social psychology―she’s also an excellent communicator. She makes a convincing case that we all matter more than we realize." ― Adam Grant, New                                                             York Times best-selling author of Think Again


A fascinating and convincing counterargument that we don’t need to win friends and influence people—we have plenty of influence already—we’re just not using it the right way. If you’ve ever felt ineffective, invisible, or inarticulate, chances are you weren’t actually any of those things. Those feelings may instead have been the result of a lack of awareness we all seem to have for how our words, actions, and even our mere presence affect other people.


Vanessa Bohns social psychologist and professor of organizational behavior at Cornell University, argues that despite the popular opinion that we need to gain influence in order to get what we want, we actually already have it—we’re just not using it mindfully.

Drawing from her original research she illustrates why we fail to recognize the influence we have, and how that lack of awareness can lead us to miss opportunities or accidentally misuse our power.

Weaving together compelling stories with cutting edge science, Bohns offers science-based strategies for observing the effect we have on others, reconsidering our fear of rejection, and even, sometimes, pulling back to use our influence less.


A Woman's Guide to Claiming Space

 "Every woman should read this book. It could change your life."-The Bookbag 

"If a book was a hug, a high five, and a help session all in one, it would be Eliza VanCort's book. It's hard-earned lessons and heart-filled advice in an intersectional guidebook that will help women empower themselves and become 'good-ish' allies to others." -Dolly Chugh, PhD, author of The Person You Mean to Be


 "...there were chapters in the book that took my breath away..required reading" -Small Business Trends 





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