Paperback/Hardcover Combination Subscriptions

Selecting a combination subscription provides us with the most flexibility in selecting the perfect book for you. This subscription will also have more variation between recent releases, classics, overlooked gems, and more. You might receive one paperback one month, a hardcover the next, and two paperbacks the following, depending on your current balance - we make sure you get the most out of your subscription purchase. Choose the frequency AND whether you'd like to pick your book up in the store each month OR have it shipped right to your door!

***Please note that this option is only available when purchasing at least a six month subscription - though you are welcome to stack other months on top of this if, for example, you wanted a 7, 8, or 9 month subscription. If you purchase a hardcover/paperback combination subscription for less than 6 months, your order will be canceled.***

If you are purchasing multiple subscriptions to be shipped to different people, you will have to do so in separate transactions, or give us a call and we can process your order over the phone at 607-269-5800.