Wish Lists & Registry

Wish Lists & Registries

Do you need a way to keep track of your ever-growing TBR list? Are you looking for a way to hint at the perfect gift for you? Do you have a little one joining your family or perhaps even a wedding coming up? There are so many ways to use our wish lists and registries, to share them with friends and family, and keep track of what's been purchased or not!

Search For Someone's Wish List or Registry

If you are searching for someone's wish list, use the search box above to type in their name, email, or the title of their wish list. If it does not appear, there may be a typo or the creator of the wish list may not have set their wish list to be public.

Create Your Own Wish List or Registry 

You must create an account with us to make your first wish list. Create one or log in here.

After you are logged in, you can search for desired titles in the search bar and simply click 'Add to Wish List' to add it! You'll then be given the option to add it to an existing list or create a new one.

Wish List Settings

When you are logged in, click 'My Account' on the top menu bar and then select 'Wish list'. If you'd like to edit settings for an existing wish list, you can click on it underneath the heading 'My Wish List(s)'.

Here you'll see your custom link to share your list with anyone. You can also delete items off your wish list and see if any of the books have been purchased off your list yet.

If you scroll down, you will see 'Wish list settings': 

Title (required) - You can edit the name of your wish list here.

Your Name (required) - This will default to your email, but you can also edit it.

Event or expiration date - You can make it for a specific date: a birthday, wedding, or other special event or occasion, or you can extend the date as long as you want.

You may also:

  • Hide the Expiration Date: You'll want to leave this unchecked if your list is for a specific event, such as a birthday, baby shower, or wedding.
  • Private - If you make your list Private, it won't show up in a search on the website. However, you CAN still share your list with your custom link!
  • Add your delivery/shipping address - Make it easy for folks shopping for you and add your desired shipping address!
  • Don’t require shipping - Check only if all books will be picked up at the bookstore. This is a great option for something like baby registry where you'd like to come pick up all the books at the shop at once!
  • Add notes if you have relevant details to add or share.
  • List of books added to Wish List shows up after Notes section.
  • To Remove a book, just click on the box next to the book cover and click on 'Update Wish List.'
  • Email Your Wish List - Click on the arrow next to ‘Email Your Wish List,’ then add the recipient(s) email address(es).
    • You can personalize the text for the Subject and Message; default text is shown.
    • Click box for ‘I’m not a robot,’ then click on 'Email Wish List.'
  • Bulk Upload - The ISBNs for the books you have added to your Wish List will show up in the Bulk Upload box.  If you delete any of them, it will remove that book from your list.
    • If you want to remove a book, scroll up to where you see the book covers and do it there.

Be sure to save your wish list as these changes do NOT save automatically!